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August 07, 2011

Random links

Just clearing out a few links.

Got Medieval: '”[The] image is taken from the British Library’s inexhaustibly weird MS Royal 10 E IV, a manuscript illuminated – as near as I can tell – by a homicidal nutjob.”  In a context where cats wield longbows and mice use catapults, this is high praise indeed.

Starts With A Bang collects some gobsmackingly beautiful pictures of exploding stars.

Doctor Who geek persuades his wife to watch the entire run of the show with him, chronicles her bafflement, boredom, bon mots and occasional bouts of enthusiasm, skirts divorce (via Sarah Proud and Tall).  Notable if only for introducing me to the term ‘ming-mong.’

No doubt this will earn me another chastisement from Dr Clements, but I can’t pass by this – admittedly very speculative – claim that cosmologists have found possible evidence for the ‘bubble universes’ theory, in which universes are being created all the time but never overlap because the space between them inflates faster than the universes grow.  Yes, I know, ‘not statistically significant,’ and ‘wait for Planck,’ but this would be so awesome.

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On the bubble universe issue I humbly refer you to a blog entry by Peter Coles on this:


Bottom line: the paper says that their “study fails to find evidence for..” multiverses, so the newspapers seem to have got the wrong end of the stick.

But yes - we do need to wait for Planck (but, as a Planck person, I won't have to wait as long as the rest of you ;-) ).

Posted by: Dave Clements at Aug 7, 2011 4:42:09 PM