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February 23, 2011

Wellington .NET user group – CLR fundamentals

Thanks to everyone who came along to the CLR Fundamentals talk this evening – and sorry for overrunning so much!  Despite going way over time I had to leave out a great deal of stuff.  I don’t have slides to summarise it, but here are my notes on the areas I wanted to cover.

CLR Fundamentals talk notes

You can find more about these topics (and especially the ones I didn’t have time to talk about!) in:

Drop me a line if you want pointers on any particular area I mentioned.

One gentleman asked about ways of detecting which methods had been JITted as a way of identifying potential dead code.  I forgot to mention it at the time, but the NCover utility not only does this, but even shows unexecuted code down to the line level.

Those of you who were interested in the JITter might be interested to look at the CLR Code Generation blog – it’s pretty quiet but there’s some useful info in the archives.

Finally, the diagrams I briefly showed came from this article -- old, but still a good guide to the internals of CLR types and objects.

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