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October 13, 2010

My desktop, not yours


Dear Adobe and Microsoft,

Giving you permission to download security updates to your products does not mean I want you to reinstall your unwanted icons on my desktop.  I deleted them for a reason.  When I want them back, I will ask.  Until then, get the fuck off.


P.S. Adobe, this also means do not override my default PDF viewer with your shitty product full of security holes.  I only have you on this machine in case I run into a PDF that a third-party tool can’t deal with – don’t try my patience too far.

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I feel your pain.

what 3rd party pdf viewer do you use? I'm currently using foxit for most stuff.


Posted by: Sam at Oct 13, 2010 7:28:48 PM

Oh yes indeed. These two products in particular. I go without Acrobat now; twice I've downloaded it again specifically to read a PDF Foxit couldn't handle, but it never lasts long before it gets deleted.

Posted by: morgue at Oct 13, 2010 10:27:29 PM

Oh my, so true! I also hate how they insist of installing new folders in the start menu to only have one shortcut in.

Posted by: Simeon Pilgrim at Oct 14, 2010 2:26:24 AM

Hi Sam -- I use Foxit as well.

Posted by: Ivan at Oct 14, 2010 7:00:34 AM

Just jumping on the Foxit bandwagon - it's astonishing! You double-click a pdf file, it opens. Seriously, just opens. It's like Adobe but without the 15-second pause.

Don't get me started on iTunes...

Posted by: Ian Randall at Oct 14, 2010 8:21:14 AM

Totally agree with "This is my desktop, not yours."

It's taken me five weeks to work out how to convince the Norton Backup free trial (don't get me started about preinstalled crapware) to go away because I already have another soulution, thanks very much.

I stopped using Foxit because about half the PDFs I needed to read weren't handled by it. All of these were newsletters PDFs created by Adobe PageMaker from my church. Something weird going on here!

Currently, I'm using a special edition of PDF Complete - came with my new HP laptop. It's fast to open up (seriously, Windows 7's window animations take longer) and handles everything I've tried so far. Not sure if PDF Complete is widely available though.

Posted by: Bevan Arps at Oct 16, 2010 2:36:44 PM

Hmm, Adobe software emits PDFs that cause problems for a popular non-Adobe reader? Crikey, it's a good thing I'm not cynical.

PDF Complete appears to be a commercial PDF creator -- couldn't find a free reader, and can't justify paying for it for the reader component alone. Thanks for the pointer though -- if I some day need to create PDFs, it looks good!

Posted by: Ivan at Oct 16, 2010 3:32:30 PM