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April 18, 2010


The Guardian: “A BPIX poll for Mail on Sunday puts the Lib Dems in the lead in the general election campaign for the first time ever – polling 32%, a bounce of 12% over the past week. The Tories were down seven points on 31%, while Labour dropped three to 28%.”  (Scroll down to the 6:18pm entry.)

Acknowledging that there are the proverbial two chances of this being the actual election outcome, let’s feed these numbers into the BBC’s seat calculator gizmo:


I know I banged on about this yesterday, but this outcome is even more borked than the one I discussed then.  Not only does the the party with the fewest votes (of the big parties) get the most seats, now the party with the most votes gets the fewest seats.  The representation in Parliament is the exact opposite of the number of votes.

Even the Daily Mirror, which backs Labour and would love to see Labour as the largest party, concedes: “Talk of unfair. The case for electoral reform would be unanswerable.”

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