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March 31, 2010

Presented without comment. Well, maybe some comment


Evil ambush journalist and well-known DFH Oliver Driver allows Rodney Youth Section Leader Rick Giles to self-destruct on the subject of Earth Hour.  Money quote: “I think my argument is so powerful that it's not necessary to talk about it.”

But Giles is dissatisfied with his presentation of the Argument That Is So Powerful That It’s Not Necessary To Talk About It, and records a statement in response “without Oliver Driver ‘jamming’ it.”  Awesomely, this is even more batshit insane than his original interview, especially the bit at 1:30 where he explains that “tomorrow, Hiroshima, the communists, the Islamists and, I don’t know, all of Genghis Khan’s hordes are coming.”

Oh, you may mock now, but when those Mongol horsemen swim ashore at Cape Reinga, then you’ll be sorry you didn’t leave your electrical appliances turned on when you weren’t using them.

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