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June 18, 2008

Wellington .NET User Group - Introduction to DSL Tools

Thanks to everyone who came to this evening's session on the Visual Studio DSL Tools. Here are the slides and a reference version of the demo, plus (sketchy) notes on how to build up the demo starting from the beginning.


Demo solution

Notes on how to build up the demo solution

If you're not familiar with the motivating domain modelling/ORM example used in the demo, check out LightSpeed here. If you want to see how the sketchy demo builds up into a real working designer, you can download LightSpeed free.

And you can download the DSL Tools themselves as part of the Visual Studio SDK.

I'll try to write up some more notes on some of the aspects I glossed over, particularly how to generate code from the DSL at compile time and the joys of building and deploying custom tools.

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