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June 05, 2008

Palmerston North .NET User Group - Introduction to WPF

I took the "Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation" talk to Palmerston North tonight and had a great time.  Thanks for your hospitality!  I'm constantly amazed at how active the so-called regional user groups are.  Thanks in particular to the chap (sorry, didn't get your name) who came all the way from Wanganui -- I hope it was worth the journey.

The slides and demos are at http://hestia.typepad.com/flatlander/2007/11/wpf-user-group.html.  Most of the demos include readme.txt files highlighting what the demo is trying to show and/or explaining how it works.

Also, there's a more step-by-step walkthrough of the list box earthquake map demo at Five steps to WPF data visualisation.

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