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November 08, 2007

Christchurch Code Camp 2007 - WPF data binding

Despite the military branding, the Christchurch Code Camp was actually pleasantly relaxed, with a great informal atmosphere, and picnics on the lawn taking the place of the more traditional university canteen arrangements.  As always it was great to put faces to names from the mailing list.  Thanks to all the organisers.

I've struggled rather to figure out how to put my talk up, because the slides don't say very much, the demo files are a rather unholy combination of things that deliberately don't work and things that are totally intimidating, and the speaker notes on building up the demos are as enigmatic as.  So I will try to polish these up into something that builds up more gradually and with better explanation, but since several people did ask, here in the meantime here is the raw story:

Slides (PowerPoint 2007 format) (Note: Typepad sometimes messes up PPTX downloads; if you get problems, right-click and do a Save As.)

Demos (VS2005 format - requires VS2005 WPF plug-in)

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