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November 29, 2005


Nickey: "I can't believe you went into a shop called Real Groovy and bought documentaries." Believe it, sistah, as I understand the "hep cats" are "sayin'."

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Irrelevant fish-fighting data:

Fish-slapping is now a recognised form of assault:


and when I was looking for the _Times_ write-up, I stumbled across fishspanking.org:


(the Times article I clipped contains more detail on fish guts and scales, and how the assault caused "reddening" of Mr Binnie's face, & appears
to have vanished from caches... if you want a scan, I'll get around to it within
a week. Ish)


Fish AND chips?

Oh, and that M. Klass woman from Hear'Say was
subjected to a street art form of "happy slapping"
where a 'bucket of chips' (says the paper) and
ketchup were involved, as well as camphones.

Bit of a publicity disaster, given that she's
involved in some campaign to stop txt msg bullies.

Posted by: Tanaqui Weaver at Dec 15, 2005 7:21:05 AM