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November 02, 2005

Happy World Usability Day

Wow, the BBC noticed: "A company's 'brand' does not just mean their logo or icon, but the gut feeling a customer gets from their products. This gut feeling is communicated by many elements including what the company says about itself, its advertising and, of course, the ease of use of its products."

And, in the true Beeb tradition of doing their very best to find another side to every story, a sort-of dissenting opinion: "It's not that I don't think usability is a good idea - of course it is... My worry is that the world has so far to go in making technology usable that I fear that celebrating usability is premature and conceals just how much hassle we put up with on a daily basis."

And I trust the Wellington UPA will be out in force tomorrow, protesting outside Dymocks about the confusing layout of the fiction sections, presenting a petition at the Beehive about poor signage on the revolving doors and, obviously, putting the quislings at Gamesman to the sword. Right?

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