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September 25, 2005

Keith Locke fronts up

I never thought politics could top the spectacle of the Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain punching a voter live on tv, but the NZ 2005 election may just have pipped it at the post.

Green candidate Keith Locke found a telling phrase before the election, remarking that he would "run naked through the streets of Epsom" if the unfancied Rodney Hide, leader of the tiny right-wing ACT party, won the seat. I don't know whether the voters of Epsom construed this as a promise or a threat, but in any case, Hide took the seat.

Credit to Locke, he fronted right up: "Mr Locke said the Greens were a party of their word, and he did not want to break an election promise. 'We haven't set a date, we've got preparations to do in terms of choreography.'"

Not that the local business community were going to let him off the hook: "We don't want our electorate to be the home of the first broken campaign promise... When Mr Locke is ready, the Newmarket Business Association will warn the faint-hearted, clear the footpath on Broadway from Two Double Seven to Khyber Pass Road, ensure there are the necessary officials, and provide a much-needed loincloth.... We don't want Mr Locke's organics to frighten away any of our customers."

And today... Locke made the Greens the first to deliver on a campaign promise: "My only regret is that I didn't read our gambling policy thoroughly enough."

Hide has a bit of fun with the event... and pictures.

By the way, barring any surprises in the special votes, Locke will be a MP. Man, I feel proud of my adoptive country.

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