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May 22, 2005

Lie detectors for plants, and other wonders

Arty Bee's Cabinet of Curious Bibliophilia, brilliantly, opens its review of How to Build a Lie Detector, Brain Wave Monitor and Other Secret Parapsychological Electronics Projects with "Actually a very interesting read, if you're into this kind of thing." Uh, right. Hands up everybody who is "into" building lie detectors... for plants. Even more brilliant is the picture of "a depressed philodendron after receiving excessive threatening."

Other high points: The History of Lesbian Hair, Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood ("Actually the first woman looks like an old boyfriend if you add a beard and moustache"), The Message Given to Me By Extra-Terrestrials ("We have decided to take the path of tolerance and let the cover speak for itself. Except that the man has a truly bodacious comb-over. And obviously he's completely nuts.") and actually the whole site.

(Note: the site is framed so the link takes you to the Arty Bees' home page. Sorry, I couldn't link to the Cabinet itself without losing the site navigation.)

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