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April 01, 2005

Blogging the Prevention of Terrorism Act

The Last Ditch is "a blog about the death of liberty in Britain." The author is an expat living in Russia. He nails why I left the UK. "I am back in England today - for the first time since habeas corpus was abolished. It feels odd. Everyone is going about their business as normal, as if nothing had happened... This does not feel like my country any more."

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Seriously, everyone in Britain should emigrate. And if the truth were told, the vast majority would go if they could. The day I handed over my UK house to the new owners, I took a mattress and a car full of odds and sods up to the local tip. Had got to know the Council guys there pretty well; far from my first visit. The effluent society was their catchphrase. Quite witty for Council staff that spelled until with two "l's" (untill). Anyway, told the "gang" it was the last time they'd see me as I was emigrating off out of it. And what a send off: "Where are you going?", "Can you take me with you?" (Spoken in jest, no doubt.) "Wish I could get the f**k out of this f**ked-up country." “That piece of shit Tony Blair; I’d like to ram this pudlock up his arse”, were some of the more restrained comments. Really made my day. No "rat leaving the sinking ship" recrimination as you get from the shit-for-brains middle class who have essentially let Britain down. Who do you think will be manning the barricades when the revolution finally comes? The middle class: You’re ‘aving a laugh. They think Britain’s going through a bad patch, rather than in terminal decline. Little Englanders, xenophobes, racists, cultural imperialists: I like that in young people.

Posted by: Andrew Milner at Jul 2, 2006 11:27:30 AM