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September 17, 2010

Rick, 15 Credibility Street

Stuff: “Act leader Rodney Hide said he wasn't sure if disgraced MP David Garrett had told him how he obtained a fake passport in the name of a dead child. ‘'I actually couldn't remember if he declared it, how he did it to me,’ Hide said. ‘'I think I remember that he got something off the cemetery.’”

And that’s fair enough.  Hey, if I was recruiting somebody who was going to be my law and order spokesman, we’d be having like this totally cool argument about who would win if Ayn Rand fought Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and if he suddenly told me he stole a dead guy’s identity to commit passport fraud, I’d be totally, like, whatevs, dude, I didn’t ask for your life story.  And if he kept going on and said that actually it was a dead child, it’s not like I’d remember something like that, cuz y’know it’s just like a peculiarly ghoulish crime, it’s not like memorable or anything.

And it would totally be Ayn Rand.  She’d cut off Sheriff Joe’s government budget, and then…

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September 08, 2010

Traffic report

So there are a couple of newborn lambs tottering around near the car this morning, and when I start turning it around, one of them makes the equation “large pale moving object = mother” and rushes in.  I get out to chivvy it out the way, and it has shoved its nose into the spokes of the passenger-side front wheel and is looking hopefully up into the wheel arch and waiting for milk to come out.

Intelligence: ur doing it wrong.

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