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December 28, 2009

And they let kids listen to this?

Hopelessly unfashionable as I am, I’ve recently been listening to Steeleye Span’s Commoners Crown, and thought it was worth tabulating the events of the first three songs.

Infanticides 2
  -- of which grotesque and ritualistic 2
  -- corpses used to pollute water supply 1
Murders, other 1
  -- rooms covered in blood as a result of         3
Executions 2
  -- of which barbarous 2

If this is not sufficiently impressive, consider that of these three songs, one is an instrumental.

After this the album does come off the boil rather and the remaining six songs deal only with relatively minor moral errors such as theft, drunkenness, transvestism, abduction and Peter Sellers playing the ukulele.

I am not sure how this level of depravity and destruction compares to Grand Theft Auto on a per-minute basis but I feel that there is surely a youth marketing opportunity going begging here.

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Long Lankin and Little Sir Hugh? On the plus side, in their version of Little Sir Hugh, they at least removed all the horribly anti-semitic references (the song is based on an historical case of blood libel in the 12/13th (?) century in Lincoln.) Yep. Folk songs can get pretty grisly.

Posted by: Stephanie at Dec 29, 2009 10:47:13 AM

So this is what you listen to! We'll have to put it on the stereo in the office... ;-)

Posted by: John-Daniel Trask at Jan 3, 2010 2:49:01 PM

I don't think you have to worry about too many kids these days listening to that! :-)

Posted by: Bruce at Jan 28, 2010 4:50:22 PM