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May 25, 2007

What are themes?

Civilisation IV is certified "PG: mild violence, mild themes."

Mild violence?  That's easy to understand.  When a battalion of tanks gets decimated by a bunch of enemy longbowmen, I exhibit signs of mild violence.  But themes?  What on earth are "mild themes"?

The Office of Film and Literature Classification attempts to explain: "Classifiable elements include violence, sex, themes (eg suicide, racism, corruption), coarse language, drug use and nudity."

Ah, yes.  Corruption has of course been a feature of Civilisation since day one, so you can imagine the scene that might otherwise play out in countless parental-guidance-lacking homes around the world.

Lisping Golden-Haired Child: "Mama, it was so horrible.  Novosibirsk was only producing 30% of its full production.  Oh, mama, I cannot sleep for thinking about it!"

Mama: "There, there, darling, it was only a computer game.  Don't worry your pretty head about it.  Come, sit with me on the chaise longue; we can watch Dick Cheney on the news signing some more no-bid contracts with Halliburton together, and soon you will be quite better."

Fortunately, thanks to the OFLC's alertness for "themes," the world remains safe for childish innocence.

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