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February 01, 2005

Moving to New Zealand

My old nemesis Harvey G Pengwyn takes me to task for leaping straight from having my EOI selected to buying a car. Is there an episode missing?

Well, not particularly. Because NZ will let in pretty much anyone these days, there is something of a glut of permanent residence applications. The immigration service is prioritising those with job offers, which means that us shiftless reprobates are scarcely getting a look in. I'm told that my PR application finally arrived on my agent's desk a few days before I flew out. Therefore, I've mostly been twiddling my thumbs.

The only real insights I can offer into the waiting process are:

- Get your police clearance request in early: it really does take a long time (though not as long as I was warned it might be)

- Britannia Movers seem to offer reasonable rates, though their sending a 17-tonne lorry to collect a relatively small amount of stuff from a very small street does not bode well for their ability to deliver it to the arse end of South Island -- we shall see

- Do not put important immigration documents (in my case, birth certificate and degree certificate) in a filing cabinet where you won't forget them, and then allow the movers to put the filing cabinet into storage

- Singapore Airlines are pretty congenial as cattle-movers go, particularly when it comes to turning a blind eye to excess baggage

- Don't be tempted to throw out all your sterling at Heathrow in a grand symbolic gesture, unless your plane goes to Auckland with no stopovers. No airport cafe or bar in the world takes NZ dollars, but sterling stands at least a chance

- The Post Office does not send foreign redirection renewal notices in time for you to actually renew, so it's worth taking out a redirection that is longer than you can possibly need

- The Inland Revenue form for leaving the country is the P85, but this is kind of moot because most of the questions are stupid ones to which the only possible answer is "I don't know" ("Will you be returning to the UK within the next four years?" "Uh, try asking Mystic Meg.")

- It takes longer than you expect to say goodbye to your friends

I also wish to subject the Reverend Harvey to a tirade about banks but that will have to do for the time being.

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Good to hear from my old arch-nemesis. Greetings from Pudding Island. Tirade away :-)

Posted by: Harvey Pengwyn at Feb 4, 2005 8:04:14 AM

You and I seem to have swapped places! I have just emigrated from NZ (leaving Symantec) back to the UK (now at Albany Software Ltd), and am now working with several ex-colleagues of yours (remember a guy called Ritchie?). I still have a few contacts in the software industry in Auckland, so let me know if you need some introductions? Enjoy NZ!

Posted by: Lyndsay at Feb 15, 2005 11:17:49 AM

Liked your blogs on NX, how are you getting on with your UK-NZ move. I'm a fellow software engineer moving over August-ish so am looking to find out the lay of the land (so to speak)


Posted by: TimB at May 7, 2005 10:57:51 PM