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September 03, 2004

Haere ra, Blighty

I've had my "expression of interest" in emigrating to New Zealand selected by the NZ Immigration Service.

This does not in itself entitle me to live in New Zealand. What it means is that once they have verified my details they will invite me to lodge a permanent residence application. I can't actually gain permanent residence until I have a job there, but once I do have a job offer, I should be able to obtain residence pretty quickly. I'll be flying out in January of next year and taking a couple of months' holiday with the Kiwis before starting the job search in March.

From the people I've talked to about my decision to emigrate, I'm not the only one wanting to leave the UK, so I'll try to record my experiences here for what it's worth, in case anyone else finds them useful.

I am what the Americans would call "super excited" about this. I have to admit, though, I am also "super scared witless" about it and "super turned off" by all the tedious paperwork and logistics involved in shutting down my life here and restarting the important bits in New Zealand. It's going to be a big break, there's going to be a lot of crap, and I know there's no guarantee it will work out. No matter. It's worth the try.

Ka ao, ka ao, ka awatea.

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Greetings from NZ. I'm a software developer, working for Symantec (Ghost) in Auckland. I immigrated here 3 years ago (though I have an NZ passport, so was easy for me). If you need any "inside" information on the place, let me know! FYI, I'm actually immigrating back to blighty in 8 weeks though!

Posted by: Lyndsay at Sep 3, 2004 7:34:30 AM

Thanks, Lyndsay, I may take you up on that! I have friends out there already, including a couple who migrated from the UK quite recently, who are going to get royally sick of my pestering over the next four months -- but other perspectives and advice are always useful.

I'd be interested to know why, having lived in both countries, you're coming back to the UK. Positive reasons, or are you dissatisfied with life in NZ?

Posted by: Ivan Towlson at Sep 4, 2004 7:58:56 AM

Positive reasons mainly. My family came out here for 2 reasons:
1) My parents live here, so was good for my kids to see them.
2) Wanted to see this part of the world and experience something different.

When we left the UK we were quite happy with life (although that Spring had been a bit wet!) so our plan was to either stay in NZ 2 years, or if we really loved the place, stay for good. For that reason we kept our house in the UK.

After about a year we both concluded that NZ wasn't for us, that blighty was home. I guess what's home to you is a very personal thing, and we know many other Brits who are happy to make NZ their home, so each to their own.

If I was doing it all again, I would try and arrive with no pre-conceptions about the place (like its drier, its cleaner, more spacious,...). I would also check out places like Christchurch (Trimble is an IT employer there) before choosing to settle in Auckland. HTH

Posted by: Lyndsay at Sep 6, 2004 7:09:51 AM

I know you haven't had the complete thumbs up but congratualtions on getting over the first hurdle.

I'm aware I would have more credibility if I actually kept our dinner dates but you'll be missed.

Posted by: Matt Goddard at Sep 7, 2004 9:16:36 AM

If you are interested in UPA (Usability Professionals Association meetings in NZ then drop me a line at:
miriamwalker AT acm . org . I'm a coordinator for Auckland but I know the Wellington and Christchurch coordinators

Posted by: Miriam Walker at Oct 14, 2004 7:11:44 PM

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