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September 18, 2003

Pre-conference sessions at the PDC

I've been looking at the pre-conference session abstracts for the PDC and wishing it was clearer what level they were at and who the target audience was.

For example, Don Box and Tim Ewald are speaking on ".NET -- The XML Perspective." Now when I hear these names I think "Wow, this sounds great -- I'm sure those two will have something really interesting to say, something that will make me look at XML in a different way." But the session abstract says "This session will introduce you to the basics of XML." Ugh. I don't want to spend $149 and most of a day being told what an angle bracket is. But if Box and Ewald are going to have something substantial to say, I don't want to miss it!

So where are these sessions pitched? Are they introductory matter for people with little or no experience of the technologies? Or are they "basic" and "foundational" in the same way that, say, "Essential COM" is basic and foundational?

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